The Tennessee Fire Sprinkler Contractors Association is a professional organization dedicated to public safety that leads and promotes the Fire Sprinkler Industry with Integrity and Education.


TFSCA Leadership


Bill Jones, Tenn-Ky Automatic Sprinkler Co., Inc., (615) 859-4427

Ilke Hanloser, I/S Engineering, (615) 405-0400

Robby Cornwell, S.C.C. Sprinklers, Inc., (615) 885-1252

Paul Satterwhite, John Bouchard Company, (615) 394-4805



Board of Directors

Eric Briley, Cumberland Fire Protection, LLC (615) 533-5876

Steve Anderson, Grand Fire Protection (615) 818-0844

Dave Reininger, Music City Fire Sprinklers, LLC (615) 826-7450

Darin Griffis, Security Fire Protection (901) 405-3448

Carl Cutrell III, Nashville Sprinkler Company (615) 456-8127

Past PresidentKen Brinkley, Music City Fire Sprinklers, LLC (615) 207-3234

Associate – David Moody, US Sprinkler Design, LLC (615) 907-4803

Executive Director

Brian Biggs, National Fire Sprinkler Association (615) 642-9717